Ixia Net Optics Copper and Gig Zero Delay Netwok TAPs

Get total traffic visibility for 10/100/1000 monitoring and security devices by placing Ixia Net Optics 10/100/1Gb Copper Taps on critical network links. 10/100/1Gb Copper Taps support passive monitoring of 10/100/1000 links at 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps. This tap is ideal when a passive tap is required for use with a variety of copper monitoring tools.

For superior reliability, the Net Optics 10/100/1Gb Copper Tap features link fault detect (LFD), which gives the devices connected to the tap critical information about link status. If either side of the bi-directional link fails, the tap immediately communicates the fault to both devices, reducing the time required to activate a redundant path......Read more...

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Gig Zero Delay Network TAP

The Ixia line of copper taps provides complete traffic visibility and access to any network connection. A copper tap can be deployed onto any inline network link, delivering permanent monitoring access ports. The copper tap provides an out-of-band monitoring or security tool, with all traffic as if it were sitting inline. All copper taps are designed to work with both high- and lowuse links. The taps send copies of traffic, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 errors, from each side of the full-duplex network link to its respective monitor ports. The copper taps have no IP address, isolating them from the network, and eliminating exposure to external attacks. Read more......

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