Ixia Net Optics HD8 Tap

Get total traffic visibility for monitoring and security devices by placing the GigaBit or 10GigaBit Ixia Net Optics Fiber Tap HD8 on critical network links. The new slim profile of the Fiber Tap HD8 saves rack space. The all-optical design of the Fiber Tap HD8 is optimized and tested for high-performance on 1- and 10-GigaBit fiber networks. Available for both singlemode and multimode fiber, the Fiber Tap HD8 supports passive monitoring of 8 links at speeds of 1000 Mbps (for the 1Gb tap) and 10,000 Mbps (for the 10Gb tap) in just 0.5U (16 links in 1U).

See Ixia Net Optics HD8 Data Sheet

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