Ixia Net Optics Slim Tap

A Family of Compact, Versatile Taps to Meet Your Visibility and Security Needs

Gain total traffic visibility for your monitoring and security devices by placing Ixia Net Optics Slim Taps on critical network links. The new slender profile of these cost-efficient taps saves substantial rack space: install up to eight taps in a one rack unit panel. The all-optical design of the Slim Tap family is fully optimized and tested for high-performance on GigaBit or 10 GigaBit fiber networks. Available for both single-mode and multimode fiber, Slim Taps support passive monitoring of GigaBit links at speeds of 1000 Mbps. Requiring no power, the Slim Taps establish permanent passive access ports without introducing a point of failure or disturbing other network connections. These passive taps deliver full-duplex monitoring with zero impact on network traffic around the clock. Read more....

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