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Intelligence and Visibility to Ensure Application Performance and Stay Ahead of Attacks

Organizations are making huge investments in IT systems (i.e., cloud, application performance, and mobile) to meet business needs, without nearly enough guarantee in the performance or security of devices, networks, applications, and services. Ever-changing applications and malware make it difficult for you to optimize performance and resiliency to attack. Any approach that fails to fully validate with realistic application load and attack techniques is insufficient and risky.

Ixia Application and Network Security Intelligence: Stay current. Stay protected.

Test and simulation conditions must reflect the latest security threats and applications so that you can ensure your equipment and systems will perform reliably and protect networks from the most advanced and malicious traffic. With Ixia’s BreakingPoint® Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) program, we do the research for you by identifying and generating security attacks and application protocols that keep you current.

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Type Ixia NTO ATI
Vendor Network Visibility, LLC

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