Ixia Net Tool Optimizer 5293


  • Ixia  Net Tool Optimizer 5293
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Ixia's Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) 5293 helps telecommunications providers connect multiple network monitoring tools efficiently to a large number of 100G, 40G, 10G, and 1G interfaces. This carrier grade, high-density network monitoring switch delivers end-to-end visibility into the packet network. The Ixia NTO 5293 is reliable and easy to use for access to intelligence in highly complex, mission-critical networks, including the 4G LTE packet core. Preserving original encapsulation, the 5293 filters traffic to the monitoring tools based on tunneled traffic.

Ixia Net Tool Optimizer 5293

Type Ixia NTO 5293
Vendor Ixia Net Optics

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